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I started a new sweater for Miss Lily. She is so grateful for the things I’ve knitted her, it makes me so happy to see her grabbing for her sweater.





Cute…I know…but this sweater was not so much. The yarn was a difficult one, beautifully soft, but pilled up before I was even done knitting, Oh well, she has worn it so many times in the last months of winter. This was not a perfect knit, but oh my goodness, it’s a sweet one on my sweetheart. The pattern was “Cricket” and it had some nice details. My Ravelry notes are here:

Now…on to her NEW sweater. I started a “Tiny Tea Leaves” for Lily a few weeks ago. I really like the pattern so far, but I made the painful decision to rip out what I had started and switch to another yarn. I started on some Wool Ease from Lion Brand, I wasn’t feeling the love. It was rough on my hands, irritating my skin..and so, so fuzzy looking.

IMG_3562 IMG_3563

This is what I mean by fearless knitting….I will use this for some doll sweaters for Lily, but not for her next sweater. I was looking through my containers of yarn, and I found a few skeins of this beautiful merino/acrylic yarn from Cascade. It’s called “Wood Violet.” Isn’t it lovely? I’m casting on tonight and will update. The Tea Leaves cardigan is a lot like my favorite, “In Three’s Cardigan” but with a bit more detail along the yoke and long sleeves.

 IMG_3564 IMG_3565

 IMG_3568 IMG_3570

How can I not knit for this girl? So fun!!

Knit Fearlessly!