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A New Beginning

I started this little blog over 4 years ago. And then we got kind of busy…and we moved…and… know how it goes. But I would love to talk about my knitting some more, and have made a commitment to myself that this year I am going to work on knitting through my stash as well as really developing my knitting skills. I am not going to be hard core and say I can not BUY any yarn this year, but I would love to knit more of what I have in my yarn stash.


 I am a fearless, intermediate knitter. But I have not mastered socks, I don’t do fair isle, or cables and intarsia kind of eludes me. Lace and sweaters and shawls have been my loves…but after knitting for over 16 years, I think it’s time to bump up my skill set.

I just purchased Vogue® Knitting The Ultimate Knitting Book: Completely Revised & Updated.



My plan is to learn a lot of new things by working through this book. Eventually, I would love to design a few items of my own. That’s my dream. I have this issue with math though…and spatial thinking…I almost flunked geometry in high school, I kid you not. I console myself with the fact that I have so many other highly developed superpowers that it crowded out spatial thinking and math. BUT…there’s got to be a place for me– the literature loving, poetry reading, math challenged girl–in the world of knitting and patterns..

I am hoping YOU will be inspired to pick up your two sticks and yarn to knit something beautiful. This doesn’t have to be complicated, yes? There is beauty in simplicity.

Literature is also one of my loves. I will be sharing what I am reading and knitting both!

Right now, for Well Read Mom, I just finished reading Strangers and Sojourners (Children of the Last Days) (v. 1) by Catholic author, Michael D. O’Brien. It is such a powerful book. So many images of faith and heartache, wondering and arriving, destruction and rebirth. I highly recommend it!

So, what are you reading and knitting? I’m going to share next time what I made with that beautiful Madelinetosh up there in that picture…a gorgeous yarn for a perfect shawl.  Also, Ginny Sheller over at Small Things, is hosting her monthly Yarn Along, which I plan on participating in this coming month.

After having moved to Georgia, I kind of lost my knitting gumption. It’s hard to knit with hot, swollen fingers. But, I am picking up my needles again, and pushing past the heat factor!

Here’s to learning some new things!

knitting · Well Read Mom · Yarn Along

Oh my goodness, it’s been a year?

 It HAS been a year since I posted here!

I could have titled this, “Oh my goodness, it’s been a year!!” and it would have been just as applicable as an exclamation as a question. Yes, it has been quite the year, with four family members having surgery, some pretty darn serious, and with several hospital stays beyond the surgeries. Yikes.  All is ok now….and one of many blessings in all of that….knitting time. Knitting time runs neck in neck with reading time, and I’ll be sharing a bit of both. Linking up with Ginny’s Yarn Along:


I have also read so many books in the last year. Currently, I am reading through Pride and Prejudice again, as a group of us have joined the, and we are reading P&P for this month. That is off schedule for the year list they put out, but we joined half way through, and decided to start with P&P. I can’t recommend Well Read Mom enough. What a fun group to get motivated to read the good stuff. I couldn’t find my copy of Pride and Prejudice,  so I splurged and bought a very long annotated one. This is like a tome, but I love it! On the left side, there’s the text of the book and on the right there are notes with great insights into the story, the time period, and the dress etc. There are so many pictures of the styles, period furniture, and estates! I could see using this for school, there is such a wealth of historical knowledge in this version.


I love this sweater, and more importantly, Lily does as well. The pattern is “Tiny Tea Leaves” cardigan from Madelinetosh. The yarn is made right here in Michigan, “Shepherd’s Worsted Wool” If you saw the Winter Olympics, you saw the sorta overdone sweaters the athletes wore walking into the opening ceremony? The design was Ralph Lauren…yeah, whatever..but the YARN was Shepherd’s Wool.  I loved the pattern and really love the yarn. I was much happier with the final product of this cardigan than last year’s yarn disaster. The yarn has little specks of burgundy and orange, which sounds strange, but it adds a lot of depth and warmth to the yarn color. I was a little hesitant to knit such a bright pink sweater, but am so glad I listened to Lily. “Mama! I HAVE to have a sweater in this yarn!” The girl knows what she likes! She’s not complained once of it being scratchy, and I loved the feel of it as I knit. Here are my Ravelry notes if you want to take a peek…


Last Fall, I finished a really fun knit. I actually knit a cowl for myself out of the same Shepherd’s Wool. I rarely do that…knitting the same yarn twice…but I have a bit of an allegiance now with that particular one. Here’s the Gothic Lace Cowl…it’s free from Tin Can Knits, look under their patterns and then scarves and cowls. For some reason the link wasn’t working if I linked directly to the page.



I loved knitting this pattern, seriously loved it. I didn’t think I loved to knit lace until I knit this cowl.  I got the buttons at a little local yarn shop near me.

IMG_0708We covered a lot of ground, two fun projects and a great new endeavor in reading terrific literature. Hope to back into the blogging loop! I’m also blogging over at my other WordPress site with stories about our home education adventures at:

Knit Fearlessly!!